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Classic-L!ne / MIG-L!ne / EvoL!ne

OrbisWill traditionally produces pliers and bolt cutters in its own timeless classic design which we call Classic-L!ne. It includes a wide range of pliers and bolt cutters and offers a high degree of function, performance and technology, an excellent quality and a very good price/performance ratio.

In the last few years there has been an increasing demand for pliers that offer augmented features when it comes to function, performance and technology. In particular this applies to pliers that belong to the classic product line at high volumes. These products shall distinguish themselves from the classic design and afford the advantages of function, performance and technology. This created the idea of our MIG-L!ne which supports a specific slim and prominent design with the forging “MADE IN GERMANY”. Due to this, function, performance and technology go perfectly hand in hand with our MIG-L!ne.

Our product range is completed with the EvoL!ne series which features a unique special ergonomic design that goes beyond the maximum of function, performance and technology. Beneficial for users, our EvoL!ne pliers are extremely wrist-protective by a 25° cranked head. The slim shape of our EvoL!ne pliers enables a long reach. This is not only applicable in an overarm position but also in confined spaces at your work place or close to the ceiling and wall. The ergonomic S-shaped handles transfer the full hand force to the cutting edges or gripping area by the lever-assisted joint. Perfect ergonomics and the slim design ideally round off the function, performance and technology of our EvoL!ne premium series.


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